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I LOVE the banana version of WASC. Just add 3 ripe bananas to the recipe and use banana pudding mix. Using 2 tsp banana extract helps bring out the flavor, and using banana cake mix brings it all the way up to WOW!
Most importantly, don't use a whipping cream frosting at a bake sale. You don't want to take any risk with food poisining. You can use Bettercreme or Frostin Pride as a substitute for heavy whipping cream, though, if you  have it available in your area (Smart&Final, Sam's Club).   Make a Rootbeer for the othe flavor!  You can stick a straw (cut in thirds) into them for fun. I also like to place a rootbeer barrel candy on top, but that will increase your cost.   At our...
Yes, I make cupcakes with this recipe :) I prefer them to other cuppies that tend to be too dry or too airy.
13" square or 14" round 10" + 9" round Two 8" and one 5" round Two 8" squares Two 9" rounds   Half recipe (1 mix) = two 6" rounds   For one 11" round: 5 cups cake mix 2 1/2 c flour 2 1/2 c sugar 1 pkg pudding mix 2 1/2 c sour cream 3 1/3 c  liquid 7 eggs (or 10 egg whites) 1/3 c oil
You are right, omit the extract. A tiny bit goes a long way, and adding too much does it make too Red Hot'ish.
I don't use them. This recipe is plenty moist without them! 
Yes :)
Do you have a Sam's Club? Ask the bakery department. Otherwise, you can make this as a replacement:
Agreed!!  I have seen companies say they ship cakes, but I can't imagine how, unles they have their own driver.
Have you heard of Bettercreme? It's the same, but better. A non-dairy whipped icing that comes frozen in a liquid state. Once whipped, it shelf stable for a few days. I buy mine at Smart&Final.
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