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I only add extra cake mix if I am using 10" or larger pans. Otherwise everything stays the same but the sugar (1-3/4 c). I reduce the sugar to help keep cakes from sinking.
Sometimes my signature line does not appear. It should be at the bottom of this post
I refrigerate all of my cakes, even those with royal icing stencils, and have never had a problem. Only once was it raining outside, so the condensation wasn't drying. I used my hair dryer to speed it along. Worked like a charm.
Pretty much, I just add Maple flavoring to the Cinnamon Roll cake.
When customers ask me for a "Wow!" flavor, I try to give them a flavor variety (a chocolate, a citrus, and something unique, for instance). My favorites:   Unique 1. French Toast 2. Tiramisu 3. Rootbeer Float 4. Ambrosia   Citrus 2. Fuzzy Navel 3. Coconut Lime 4. Lemon Blueberry   Chocolate 1. Valencia 2. Andes Mint 3. Turtle   Kids 1. Sour watermelon...
This article states the point I was trying to get across From   "Since many bloggers and other folks online aren’t professional food writers, I’ve come across a few people who’ve lifted a recipe word-for-word from my site or posted them on a forum. When it happens to me, I write them a gentle note that I appreciate the fact they liked the recipe enough to share with their readers, but it should be re-written in...
It's opposite of that, actually: "Copyright works to protect the way a recipe is recorded in writing and not the way it is actually made. If you record and publish a recipe and someone then looks to re-copy that recipe without any new literary expression being added, this could be deemed as a copyright infringement. However, this does not stop someone taking the recipe, cooking it in their restaurant, changing the name and claiming it as their...
It would be copyright infringement unless you gave proper credit.
Thank you for sharing! I loved reading all of your Thursday Tips :)
It's an acronym for the recipe White Almond Sour Cream cake.
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