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Lol!  Thank you   You mentioned that your grandmother always mixed by hand; I use a hand mixer, but only until everything looks mixed just enough (not the 2 minute rule!).  
 Was it perhaps a bit underbaked? The strawberries might have made it seem more dense if the cake did absorb a lot of liquid. Also, yogurt makes a more dense cake. Also, the more full of batter a cake pan is, the less room it has to rise, resulting in a more dense crumb.  Eggs are truly a mystery, though. Last weekend I accidentally put in half the amount of eggs and the cake baked just fine. Moist and fluffy. I expected that it would just fall apart without enough binding...
No, but I think of eggs this way: Consider a hard boiled egg. The yolk is dry, the whites are moist. Using all whites would seem to produce a more moist cake. 
The cake mixes already have the rising ingredients in them, so there is not a need to add baking soda to the WASC versions. If you have always been using your own homemade mix, you should not have to change anything, just continue making it the way you always have. In any case, the WASC is such a forgiving recipe that no changes are even necessary to account for the missing volume of cake mix. 
 I can't tell what this refers to.... Various liquids can be substituted for each other (?)
Yogurt has made my cakes come out almost rubbery sometimes. And yes, use the pudding mix dry.
...And 1 extra egg.
If the pan size is larger than 9" I add an extra 2 cups of mix, 1/2 c flour, 1/2 c sugar, 1/2 c sour cream, 2/3 c liquid.  I do end up with with open bags of cake mix wrapped up in my fridge, but they eventually get used pretty quickly with outhr cakes.   Thanks, Hoosier Mama, for the recipe.
Yes, I love it as a cupcake. Just be careful not to overbake!
 WASC versions are the only recipes I use, and I've been making fondant cakes for 7 years now. I use them for carved cakes, as well. I suggest only 3 flavors, or you'll have an abundance of guests requesting particular flavors, or grabbing a second piece to try another flavor.
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