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Thank you all for the replies.  I now understand that is more of an enhancer, I will now add it to vanilla bc.
Hello everyone. I hear so many times how wonderful everyone's bc is when they add CB to it.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the same experience when I used it for the first time.  I use Sharon Z's way of making bc shortening (not high ratio) butter etc.  I bought Magic Line CB (small) I love the way it smells.  The bc wasn't bad; it was good, but I thought it would taste more like how the bottle smells.  I kept adding more and more; I used more than half the bottle and still...
These may be a silly questions, but when making your own blend like the recipe given above, do you blend it together then use a certain amount to flavor your bc or do you put a tsp of each into the bc?  When you guys say a single batch of bc, how many cups of ps are you referring to; 1 lb. (4 cups) or are you talking Sugarshack's full mixer batch?
Hi all, I am looking for this or something like it.  It reminds me of the Wilton "Happy Birthday" embossing rolling pin.    I am trying to make thank you cookie favors and would like a nice stamp or embosser that is food safe.   Any suggestions, pictures (I love visuals) or points in the right direction would be appreciated.  Thanks.  
It tasted good because I wound up adding a little almond, vanilla butter and a little lemon to it. It never tasted the way it smells in the bottle or anything close to it.
Hi everyone, years ago I bought creme bouquet from KK and never used it; at the time I didn't appreciate the smell. Since being on cc and hearing almost everyone rave about it, I decided to give it another try. I was going to buy the CK brand because a bunch of you had good things to say about it. My cake supply store only had Magic Line brand; I LOVE how it smells. I remember how the first bottle I bought smelled; it was too strong but ML smells the same but not as...
Hi everyone; how do you all attach sugar pearls to fondant?
Hi everyone, I need your expertise. Soon I'll be starting the planning process for my daughters baby shower. Since I'm hosting, you know that I'll be doing 95% of everything that needs to be done. I'm also doing a dessert buffet and I'm going to need to do most of the prep work in advance. Here's a list of the desserts that I want to make and could you tell me what I can make in advance, how to store, how to thaw and what is the shelf life?Sugar cookies (decorated...
Thank you!
Hi everyone. I'm trying out some new flavors for my cakes. I use mixes with pudding and extra egg; how much brown sugar should I use if I wanted to use it in a recipe?
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