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Sorry all.  It just sent me a message that you all had replied.   Well, I am really embarrassed to say that I finally figured out part of the problem.  I was using the wrong measuring cup for the water!!!!   The 1/3 cup instead of the 1/4 Ughhh.  Guess it was not a good day!!  Can only laugh about it now. lol.     I did make some two days ago and it still didn't mix up like normal.  I'm thinking the weather has something to do with it.  It's been raining for a few days...
You can also use a tooth pick or smaller tool and spread around the icing and to make sure there aren't any air bubbles in there. Or maybe you need to add just a little more icing. Your cookies look great.
I don't know what I am doing wrong!  I have made a ton of royal icing.  But the last few weeks I have been having issues!!  I tried a new meringue and thought that was it,  washed bowls and paddles over to make sure, didn't add any extra flavorings, and STILL it's not getting to the thick fluffly stage.  Yesterday 1 out of 3 batches worked!  Any ideas??!!   Thanks!   I should say that I am using Antonia's recipe.
I just saw video that said this was due to too much moisture on/in the cake! I will try and find the link for you!!
I haven't had this happen yet so not sure why it is. Are you pressing down on the icing when you smooth it out? Are they small air bubbles or large?
I know you are looking for critics on your cake, the only thing that I could say would be maybe the flowers on top are a little big for the cake. This may just be the picture too, not sure. I think your fondant work is great!! and I like your hand painting too.
I don't post often on here. Very busy lately but I do look at cakes sometimes. I post comments on the ones that I look at usually. I don't post critics for two reasons. The main one, I feel I am in nooooo way good enough myself to critic someone! Two, you never know if you are going to affend someone. Some people want critics (myself) and some don't! And you would hear about it! So I just post what I like about a cake. I had posted a picture on a yahoo group once...
Just wanted to say that I am very thankful for her as well!! Was going to Indy and she helped me out finding a cake supply store there. They were GREAT people and very helpful. Thanks for the info!And stay away from peanut butter and green onion sandwiches!!! Sorry hubby!!
Here is the link. It doesn't like the other recipe, just Bobby's :
this has been something that I have been wondering about myself. My husband always says "of all the women that I could have married I married one that makes CAKES" he LOVES his pies, hot or cold. I am not such a great pie maker. But I told him that I would try to learn. I did watch a Bobby Flay throw down yesterday that was for apple pies! The people that he was challenging bake their pies in a paper bag. I have seen this before but have never tried it. They said...
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