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I love Massa Grischuna, any of the flavors. Choco-Pan is excellent also!
For me, it depends on the budget, I use Satin Ice but my favorite is Albert Uster, Massa Americana. The flavor is incredible , to work with is just fabulous. It don’t create the little stretch marks and you can roll It very thin and wont break. Love it!
Esta bello, me facina tu creacion! Gracias por compartir.
You can also purchase FMM products in the US at International Sugar Art By Nicholas Lodge. Hope this help!
Que belleza! esta fantastico gracias!!!!
Don't like FD either. I love my Magic Line pans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Que pieza de arte tanbella! Te felicito!!!!!
Preciosos!!!! me gusta el surtido de colores y los disenos estan espectaculares! felicitaciones
i just got that same email today!!!!!!!!!! I emailed back telling that once they move to ATL we can meet for tasting, but I can not do anything via email. we'll see...People...uummm!
te quedo bello, me gusta mucho la combinacio de colores! Felicitaciones
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