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Thanks so much for the insight!!
Please--I am looking to find the pan sizes for this cake-- does it look like a 4 inch round (4 inch high/2layer) and a 7 inch round base (6 or is it 8 inch high)? To stack the base does it need a separator in the middle....what is the best way to do that??? Thank you!!Margery
I am wanting to try modeling chocolate, but want to know if it can be luster dusted?THANK YOU!!
I see that costco has them online for $299!!!! a "steal"
your bamboo looks great! thanks for sharing
Yes-I have a book that recommends it undecoratedI put them in saran and then put styrofoam between the layers of cookies. I thawed them in the wrap room temp--they did fine (in our dry climate)I didn't decorate them until I needed them--I used fondant (vs. RI)
thank you!! i really appreciate your speedy responses (they are all laid over the table....)
Can someone tell me what to use to attach the fondant to the sugar cookies? ?RI or BC or ?Thank you!!
Has anyone ordered from this company for cake dummies? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!!
you can buy premade BC from a cake shop or donut shop--
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