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Thanks for sharing. I've got the cakes in the oven right now.
I prefer ML as well. I ended up getting rid of the one FD pan I had. I just didn't like it at all.
I did get to eat one and it was delicious! It didn't affect the texture at all. It changed the color to a very lt brown or tan. The flavor was a little like caramel. I ended up using a cinnamon-vanilla BC and the combination of flavors worked perfectly.
I ended up using brown sugar. They baked up just fine and have a pretty light brown color. I need to make sure I have enough for my ccc shape before I eat one. I ended up with 2 cc's less than I usually get per recipe.
Started to mix up cc's (for a ccc for my son's teachers b-day). I just found out that it's tomorrow! I thought I had an unopened bag of sugar in the pantry, but I was wrong. I use the enhanced cake mix formula and was wondering if I could sub 1c brown sugar for the cup of granulated sugar or even sub powdered sugar. Has anyone tried this? I need help ASAP. I live in the country and it will a 40 min round trip if I have to go to town. Grrr !
Yes, it is okay.
I just stumbled across your bow tut this afternoon. Thanks so much for sharing. The pics really help.
I did it for the first time last week. The hot glue did melt my bags. So I just slid a piece of paper into the bag before I glued the stick on and that prevented it. This is an awesome way to make cookie bouquets!
I remember reading in the Wilton books to sprinkle coconut on the cake before placing the top layer, but yuck! I hate coconut. I just cut my dowels slightly longer than they need to be so the top tier doesn't squash down into the layer below it.
You need to just let it sit overnight. It will harden and the oil will be gone.
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