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Wow! What great ideas. I've wondered what to do with those cake tops (I'm always reminded of that Seinfeld episode with the muffin tops they could not get rid of) and these "cake balls" sound wonderful. I think I may do some baking just to try them.
All of these tips and tricks are great! I could picture myself flipping the large cake onto my hand and having it flip into pieces all over the place. I just pictured the cake "catching" on a cake board if I tried sliding it through the two pieces. . .but if that is what you all say works -- I will try it. I appreciate all of the information provided by you experts. You make it all sound so easy.
Thanks for all of the replies! I love this forum.My next question is how do you separate the layers once they are torted? With the smaller cakes (square and round) I can kinda "flip" the top layer off and into my hand. How is this done with a cake so large?
For all the experts out there. . .How many boxes of cake mix would it take to make a half-sheet cake? The pan measures 12x18 and is 2" deep. (I think it's a half-sheet) Is it super difficult to slice it in half -- with the saw-like thing from Wilton -- to make it into a 2-layer cake?Thank you in advance for all the advice.-Lynelle
What is offered after Course III? I've heard of a "Masters" class -- is that something that is offered the same way as the I-III classes?
Thank you all SO much for your input. You certainly have given me a lot to think about, in addition to some wonderful ideas. I will start checking into local kitchens, etc. later this week.BTW-I'm in Brentwood, CA (not So. Cal. though) if anyone has local suggestions!-Lynelle
Hello,I recently completed Course I and will be starting II next week. I'm loving all the tips and tricks I've learned, especially from this forum! I've been asked to make six baby shower cakes (half-sheet) at my kids' elementary school, in addition to a couple birthday cakes.My husband strongly feels that we should have liability insurance in case someone "gets sick" from one of my cakes. I was just planning on selling a cake here and there, not opening a business. ....
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