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First, the wondermold cake will be very heavy. I would recommend the cake extender/stabilizer recipe so that it will be nice and firm, but still very moist.(You will find the hardest part of this cake is trying to trim off the top (bottom of skirt) to get a level surface!)Put the skirt cake onto a cake round, and then put on top of the base with a few plastic straws for support. That skirt cake will be very heavy. Also, if you choose too small of a bottom layer, it will...
I've noticed lately that whenever I make a very dark color of royal icing such as red, black, dark brown, etc, that the icing does not seem very firm. Its almost as if the consistency is more fragile than the lighter colored icings. Is there a way around this problem? I normally thin my frosting so it will flow well when doing borders and writing letters.Help! I have 190 monogrammed cookies due this weekend and they want dark chocolate brown colored lettering on...
Same problem... I uploaded a bunch of pics last night as I finally got my computer up and running again. I've received lots of comments on them overnight, but they are still not in my photos.How long does the new server take to post them? This is the way I can share my goodies with my grandma out of town.
Look at the picture in my photos of "Hudson's Baby Shower"... that was a birdhouse that I found at Hobby Lobby. They also have a stand set up with various vintage cowboy/western knick knacks that have other itmes, but the birdhouse one worked for me.
I base coat all of my cookies with a mixture of powdered sugar and milk... add some flavoring too. Get it to the consistency that it flows off your spoon in a thick clump, and then spread to the edges. It just takes some practice. I don't have the patience to outline first.
I use a dry paintbrush with a bulb-like shape on the bristels, and just dip the tip in the dust and lightly tap the handle over my index finger where I want the dust. Works great!
As far as refunding any 'payments' previously made but unable to finalize before the wedding date, I would hold back a portion that is non-refundable as you might have already turned away other orders for the original date because you were planning on focusing on her cake. You can't possibly call back and say, wait, I had a cancellation so now I can do your cake... very unprofessional if the customer is new.
I just returned a very nice airbrush to Hobby Lobby that my husband gave me for Mother's day. It was VERY nice and with the compressor was over $300. I really was hoping that it would provide a miracle when I kept getting brush strokes in my Oscar statue cookies. I thought "Wouldn't an airbrush and some really diluted luster dust make quicker, neater work of 125 cookies?" Off he ran and came back with the best they had to offer. I'm sure it would work okay for regular...
Sometimes the fondant (applied over buttercream) can help keep the cake's moisture in. Its okay to put in the fridge, but once you take it out it is succeptable to 'sweating' and gets a glossy look to it. Not always bad, but if you try to touch it, you will leave fingerprints in the 'sticky' fondant.
Me too! I just made my first one last night and already have a 'back-up' plan... a 'Kelly' barbie doll!LOLCan someone post a tutorial on fondant/gum paste modeling please?
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