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don't know yet... haven't tried it. thought i would maybe get some feedback before i tried it out.
My Oprah had reality tv stars on from Project Runway and American Idol... did I miss it???
Has anyone ever tried dipping them in the 'Chocomaker' brand of chocolate discs? Its the kind made for chocolate fountains - says 'no oil needed' on the package.I bought some of the dark chocolate and thought it might make a good coating, but wondering if I have to re-chill them after dipping to get them to set up/harden?Any thoughts?
I'm not sure which show I saw this on, but if you start making a rope by hand - rolling it with flat open plams - you will start to notice uneveness and the 'grooves' from your fingers. Once you get it to the approximate thickness you want, take a clean cardboard cake round, and lay this flat over the rope and gently slide it over the rope - instead of your fingers pushing and pulling, now the cake round is doing it, but with a flat surface.Works like a charm, AND, there...
I pre-crush my cereal before adding the marshmallows in order to get a finer texture. You can then also form your shape and rub it with a lot of pressure on the counter to smooth out further. I also use thicker fondant over RKT to help disguise the texture.I have some 3-D animals in my pics where I used RKT for their heads - the pinata cake (Horstachio is his name, I believe?), the cow in the grass, and the Huskie cake.BEWARE... large objects are extremely heavy and the...
I've used some faux hand-tooled leather impression fabric from Hobby Lobby to make western details and belts before. Its a little pricey as its meant for upholstery, but its pleather and 1/3 of a yard covers a lot of fondant.Works great!
It's beautiful and so detailed, but I think maybe some leaves to use as filler. I think green would set the flowers off quite nicely. (Same way black makes everything pop a little!).Beautiful!!!
The VIVA method only works (or works best) on the crusting buttercream. If you have too much butter and not enough shortening, the frosting won't crust and you will simply be blotting up fat off the top of the cake.However, butter does not have to be refrigerated, so keeping it out won't hurt a thing. Worry if you are using eggs.
I would use a flower nail on anything over 2" tall, otherwise, Like Madge said, the outside will be dry and overbaked and the inside will not set up properly. Sorry, but think of the lesson you learned and will probably never forget!Good luck with the flower nail! this other day and had to save it! Kinda makes light of the fact that there was a serious injury, but all will be better soon! Just turn it into his arm instead of a leg, and try to find out some of his classmates names, and use those as signatures on the cast!
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