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The look of brown sugar is most realistic, however it does make the cake taste 'gritty'... not sweet. I do not like the gritty taste of the shortening/powdered sugar buttercreams - tastes too much like what the store bakeries use. IMBC is so much smoother. Vanilla wafers crushed and then mixed with a scant measure of luster dust will give a similar effect.
Oooooo - I would love that recipe too. Sounds divine!
I get mine from a local cake store and I'm sure he would ship them. I pay about $6.99 for roughly 3/4 - 1 cup of them. I think he buys in bulk and then repackages them into smaller plastic canisters.PM me if you'd like their information.
Actually, it might have come from Pinnochio - Pinenose Productions... hmmmm.... my memory is failing me!
I got mine from Foose - I think they have two different sizes. The smaller one comes an even smaller cutter for the little center portion. I found the larger one works best for 'favor' size cookies.
I have found that Hobby Lobby has 'treat bags' available in their candy/cake decorating aisles and are very reasonably priced. I think the standard size bag (approx. 4" x 9" with gusseted sides) is like $3 for 50 qty, and the larger size bag (think paper lunch-bag size) is same price for 25 qty.I have also found that tulle will hold the best bows without tying knots. I have spools of 6-7" wide tulle ribbon in tons of colors. I order it from a packaging supply catalog.
I have read about Rolled Buttercream on some of the cookie pages... what exactly is this? And does it dry to the touch so the cookies can be bagged in plastic or cellophane?Thanks in advance!
I LOVE it when good things like that happen! I am always so surprised by the little 'secrets' that get passed around here! Newbie or fanatic, we all love to hear examples of GOOD!
I had bleeding issues with some black and red fondant recently. My first mistake was putting small dots (m&m size and up) onto a BC cake straight out of the freezer - it is summer in Houston, after all! The dots were 'decorative warts and spots' on a 3-D frog cake. Needless to say, by the time we arrived at the function and took the cake out of the box, there were red and black (mostly red...hmmm?) streaky 'sweat' marks that made it look like leaking spots on the...
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