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There is a quite lengthy post here regarding using real butter in your icing. I DO like the flavor difference, but I currently use the snow white Wilton recipe, primarily because I like how my colors are true since I'm adding them to white icing, not a yellowish icing. When you use 1/2 crisco and 1/2 butter are the colors affected?
Hi! I lived in Hawaii for 3 years. I lived in Mililani for one year then moved to Honolulu, on Hickam AFB. LOVED IT!! We left in 99 because my kids were starting middle school, and the local schools um... left something to be desired. I hung out on the North Shore at Sunset Beach quite a lot, body boarded at Barbers Point quite a bit, watched the whales at Bellows, went to the Paradise Cove luau about 9 times (when people came to visit, and did they ever!, that was...
Sorry, but I'm a bit out of the loop... I dont know about putting a metal flower nail in the middle of large cakes. Details, please.- Kim
I've been watching this topic with great interest! The suggestions so far have been GREAT!! Has anyone used that gum paste kit to make flowers? Does it work? I'd love to try it, but.. how does it taste? I guess I could use the marshmallow recipe with the gum paste flower kit... hmmm... could be....Keep those suggestions coming!- Kim
Guten Morgan all! I need ideas for Spring-themed cakes. I'm making one today, and I'm sure that I'll make more. Mostly I'm called upon to make sheet cakes. I'm thinking for the one today to just put daffodils and.... some other flowers (see, that's where I'm stuck)... I want a new way to arrange them too, not just your typical spray... anyone have pictures? Spring flowers.... HELP!! I can make the flowers, I just don't know how to arrange them.- Kim
Thanks. I especially like So many things to look at and try!! That pearl, bead maker on there looked awesome! Anyone ever use that? It's a small mold that makes edible strands of "pearls" to put on cakes. Awesome!- Kim
Hi. What is everyone's favorite website for supplies? Is it I need a different one because takes about 6 WEEKS to arrive for me. I don't know of others, though. Any suggestions?- kim
Wow! That Bratz cake is great!! You're quite talented!- kim
There are times when I feel very frustrated (read my post "Awful Customer") with the customers, as well as the cakes. When I started, oh so many years ago, I tended to only see the FLAWS. A border that wasn't perfectly straight or maybe had a shell or two that weren't pefect. I noticed every air bubble in the top, every rose that wasn't picture perfect.. and I DO mean PERFECT. In fact, I stopped decorating altogether for a few years because I couldn't stand the...
Thanks everyone for your support. I've been doing cakes on and off for about 20 years, and I've had my share of irrational customers, but they've always been at the bakery, never at my home. Thanks, though, because even though I KNOW I'm in the right, I still feel shaken. Thanks!I love the work, I love the artistry about it, I love the creativity and being able to "make" a party or event with a beautiful cake... but sometimes... the people you have to deal with.... "I...
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