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I've heard to sprinkle something like sanding sugar (coarse sugar) in the area before placing the next layer. I've never tried it because I don't think that much sugar would be appetizing and would still want to scrape it off.
I have the Cake Mix Doctor and the Chocolate Cake Mix Doctor books by Anne Byrne. I like both of them but it is all a matter of opinion. If you go to a website like Barnes and Noble you can sometimes take a "peek" inside the book to get an idea of what the contents are. HTH!
I'll check those sites out...thanks, pinkpiggie78!
Where can you get the cartridges that cheap?
Or you could mix cherry jam/preserves in with the buttercream. I've done that a few times with different flavors and it turns out well.
I think the bow and scrolls look ivory and the actual cake looks like a very pale coffee color (like milky coffee) with the gold shimmer.
I agree, CALL her. People these days rely too much on texting and e-mail and it's just not as efficient as a good old fashioned phone call. You can settle everything in one call (instead of 50 messages back and forth and back and forth that contain one or two words) and get your point across with the tone of your voice. Yes, a phone call is in order! Good luck!
I could see some kids not liking a cream cheese has a different taste that could be a turn off. In my experience most kids just like plain old white/vanilla frosting. In fact, I usually see them just eat the frosting and leave the cake.
Very cool to know! So you just follow directions that are on the package?
I made a Cheerwine cake with Cheerwine buttercream by boiling down a 2 liter bottle of soda to condense the flavor then, added the condensed liquid/syrup as part of the liquid called for in my yellow cake. I wouldn't hesitate to try to make IMBC with champagne as the liquid instead of water ooooooooor making SMBC and using concentrated champagne as the flavoring...which, I reckon would be the same as champagne flavoring.[/quote]YUM! I love Cheerwine and that sounds...
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