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I recently made a red velvet cake for a party with fresh whipped cream and cut strawberries as the filling. Everyone seemed to really like the combination.
I've used the Wilton gel colors to color white chocolate (the one you can buy at Michaels) and I didn't have any problems with it.
Royal icing can be tricky, it never seems to come out the same for me from batch to batch. Usually I test a little bit in a bag with the tip I'm using. If I can't squeeze it out then I thin it with water, one drop at a time. Make sure you don't thin it too much or it will be dificult to work with. My Wilton instrutor told us that it's better to have royal icing on the stiffer side. Also, depending on the tip you'll want a slightly different consistancy. Larger tip can...
I've made pieces bigger than that before which came out really nice. You just have to make sure your color flow isn't too thin otherwise it will crack when you take it off the wax paper. But make sure it isn't too thick or it won't be smooth. Also, give it enough time to dry before removing from the wax paper. Good Luck!
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