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HiYou need to go to Cake Boss for that. He covered pvc pipes with fudge and had a choc fountain pouring the choc out of the cake.HTH
I am at the point where I refuse "small" cakes. Minimum $100. I just don't have the time or the patience to do a bunch of smaller cakes. Ridiculous.
SCAL is very easy to use. There are also you tube videos showing how to use it. google.As for your mat... It's glue. Use hot soapy water to scrub it off.HTH
What an adorable cake!!!! I love it!!!! And she is completely nuts.As for cake balls, I like to put a wee bit of truffle in the middle of mine. Yummmmmmmm... And then I bind it with a syrup (chocolate or strawberry... Caramel.. MMMMMMMMMM....). Can you imagine the response from her on THAT??? She wouldn't know what to do with herself!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!
Wow! You need better frinds!!!! All of my friends EXPECT me to bring cake, and ONLY cake. And they MIGHT get to have a say in the flavor, but I have total control over decorations!!!! And if my DD gets invited to a BDay party, mom KNOWS that the gift is the cake. And a home-made card!!!!
baby powder along your door, etc, should work, too. Allegedly. I haven't tried it yet. But apparently it's too silky for them to walk through, and they won't get in.
After I deliver and set up, I have the event person at the facility sign off on it. That way if ANYTHING happens, I delivered a cake that was in good shape when I left! Oh, and I take a photo, too. Good on you for taking photos and calling mom. CYA all the way!!!!!
trace on to rice paper with the edible markers.
me too, please!!!!
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