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thank you all for your help! I ended up using a thin layer of royal icing but it's nice to know the other methods too.
Anybody? They are also called rhinestone ribbons I guess...
I was wondering how to attach the jewel wraps to fondant as a border. Since it is a hard surface, what will make it stick yet still be edible?
Wow, you can freeze batter? Had no idea... It would take up less room in my freezer than all the extra cake I end up baking with the extra batter, lol.How long can it be frozen before it needs to be used? Does it ever get freezer burn?
I had to do a navy blue fondant cake for a Navy change of command and found that the easiest solution was to airbrush the color on. It worked well. Unfortunately I am stuck with a huge bottle of navy blue airbrush color since they didn't sell a small bottle. But I do live in a Navy town...Not to get off-subject but it made me realize how toxic airbrushing can be. My DH was blowing blue snot out of his nose from breathing in the fine mist and he wasn't even in the immediate...
We recently moved and while I was unpacking my cake closet I noticed that a few of my cutters had light rust. Most of it seemed to wipe off with a microfiber cloth, but I was wondering if there was some Martha Stewart-type trick out there to get the rust off better or more quickly. Any ideas?
Awesome, can't wait to try! Been looking for a good moist red velvet recipe and just in time for Valentine's day!
Painting is an art as well, and how the finished painting looks matters most to the consumer, whether you bought cheap paints from Michael's or squeezed beets to get red beet juice to make your own.Scratch bakers aren't necessarily better decorators, and most brides want a pretty cake first and foremost. Most customers of specialty cakes seek artists that can execute their vision. Decorating skills are the art that covers the cake--scratch or mix. So not all scratch cakes...
That is awesome! I also use a doctored mix, and at a wedding at an exclusive resort the executive chef asked me for my recipe!
I made one from a modified box mix. Pina colada is pineapple-coconut flavored so I used a pineapple cake mix and added a box of coconut cream pudding. For the icing I made regular buttercream, and added Lorann pina colada flavoring to taste. It didn't take much! For the filling I have used a pineapple filling from CC, I have also used Rich's Bettercreme mixed with the Lorann pina colada flavoring.HTH! Good luck!
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