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Hello, I told my friend that I'm getting into cake decorating and now she would like me to bake her daughters birthday cake. The theme is Care Bears. Does anyone have any ideas on decorating a care bear cake. I don't want her to regret asking me so I would like one that would look better than a store bought cake. All suggestions will be appreciated.
Godiva... thanks for the recipe. I'll try it this week for my husbands b-day, but if it doesn't turn out right I'll have to turn to the box. I really appreciate all the advice.
I had know idea there was such a thing as a cake leveler. I'll have to get one. Thanks so much.
I would love to make a great tasting cake from scratch. Godiva, do you know where I can find a good recipe? I really don't remember what technique the recipe called for, but the taste was terrible and no one finished their piece. Not even the children. I love the taste of a boxed cake, but I really would rather bake one from scatch if I'm trying to sell them. People probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but I'd feel proud to say it's from scratch.
Do most people in the the cake baking business bake their cakes from scratch or is it a box? If it's from scratch where can I get a good recipe? I've tried baking a yellow birthday cake from scratch and it tasted like flour. Is it supposed to taste like flour? I'd appreciate any info? Thanks
It will definately be with love. Thanks for the advice.
Hello, this maybe an ignorant question, but I would like to bake a tasty cake and would also like for it to look nice. How do I get a cake to be flat on top so that I can decorate it nicely? I've been told to just flip it upside down, but it still has a slight curve on top. How do I make it so it can look as pretty as the store bought cakes? Please help. I would love to bake a beautiful cake for my husbands birthday. Thank you. Elaine
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