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I'm planning on going to Mid-atlantic this year...although now it's split into two shows. So now I have to decide which one to go to?!?I think I'm just going to enter a sculpted cake the divisional competition though...I don't think I'm ready for the wedding cake yet competition yet
I'm in Barrington, which is about 10 minutes outside Providence. There's actually a cake show in CT coming up at the end of Feb. in Hartford. Do you still live near CT?
I just recently tried out a topsy turvy by just stacking it instead of cutting the hole. It worked perfectly fine and it was much easier NOT having to cut the hole. Just don't go too extreme with the angle, at least on the bottom tiers. I think it's important to use a really dense cake too.
So I guess they split up the mid-atlantic show into two separate shows. The other show is going to be May 2-3rd at the Shipley arena in MD.'m not sure which one to go to...don't think I can do both since I live in RI.
I'm debating on wether or not I want to enter. Not because I'm worried about my abilities, but because I'm not sure if I have time and energy to do the work. And is it even worth it to enter the show but NOT do the wedding cake competition?? Anyway, just curious if anyone else is going...
going to check out slickdeals right now!! So, they let you know which items amazon has marked down?
Amazon does this a lot actually....I think it's mainly when they have a lot of extra stock of an item. So they drop the price down, people order like crazy and then the price goes back up accordingly. I got a bunch of toys this past christmas that were AMAZING deals!!
I actually have to carve a football cake tonight. I was trying to cut down on waste so I baked two oval shaped cakes and two halves of the egg pan. I'll have to carve down the egg pan quite a bit on one side but I think the general shape will work along with the larger oval(s) in the middle. I don't know....I'm just winging it
I'm happily paying $50 per 20 lb bucket.....just as long as I don't have to make it myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I do make my own modeling chocolate, which is so much easier to make.
Michaels has this on sale periodically for $1 per board. I use both the 3/16 and the 1/2 in depending on the cake. Most of the time I use 2 3/16 boards glued together if I use foam core.
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