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Yes, it's a lot easier to get black if you start with dark brown.
If I have to do a lot of coloring, and especially dark colors I like to wear a pair of gloves. Then you can add a lot of color and kind of just pull the fondant apart till it's combined. Much quicker for dark colors!!...and your hands stay clean.
I did a cake recently where I cut them from fondant with a cookie cutter, then dried them so the wings were bent. Then I piped royal icing designs on the wings and added the body piece.
Did it work?? I hate that when a drop of water gets on the fondant!!
I have three kids too, and have to do most of the work at night....and it's just not worth it do anything for less than $100, and that's my absolute minumum.
That's what kind of bugs that it's a lot easier to make an intricate structure out of styrofoam, and it's going to come out perfect nearly every time. And I think it's different when you are talking about competition cake dummies that are just round. What if people could enter styrofoam sculpted cakes in competitions??
You may have been using too much corn starch. I mostly just sprinkle PS or cornstarch underneath the fondant that I'm rolling, not on top.
Salted butter helps...
I actually just broke my makins one! I guess I was twisting it so hard that the threading just split on the bottom where the disc goes! LOL Anyway, to help it come out less jagged I always have to work the fondant till it's nice and soft and also add shortening depending on how dry the fondant is.
I use flickr too. I am still working on my website so it's nice to have a place like flickr to send people to look at cake pics. Plus, there's some amazing cake artists on flickr!!
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