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Wow, thanks. I might just have to check that out when I go out today, since I need to go there anyway.
I tend to wait till the last minute too! You are definitely not alone. My problem is that a lot of times I don't know exactly what I'm doing so I can't do much ahead of time. I tend to get my best ideas when I'm already working on a cake. It does really help to get the cakes baked, boards covered, fillings/icing made ahead of time. For 3D cakes I've found I need one night to carve the cake, then I need another night or two for the decorating. So I already know that for...
I used the green makins one a lot until I busted it, LOL...I actually split the metal threading that you screw the end piece on to. I'll probably just buy another one or try out the sugarcraft gun. I've heard a few people who have both types and still say that they like the makins one better.
I've flooded large cookies before and they came out smooth. Sounds like you might need to thin the icing a little. I like antonia's recipe a lot. I've done big teddy bears and flowers using this recipe and they came out great...cookies were probably 5-6 inches across.
I always knead with my hand but one time at my part time job the girls I work with wanted me to try kneading the color into the fondant using the mixer but it didn't work well. The fondant was so stiff that it was yanking the bowl right out of the lock position (it was a 30 quart).
I've done a shopping bag before too. I stacked up the cakes and used sharpened dowels to stabalize the cake. Thanks to a CC member...she gave me the advice to cover the cake in two pieces, one piece of fondant in the front wrapped around to the middle of the sides, and another piece from the back wrapped around to the middle of the the seam is on either side of the cake and not that noticeable. I made a lot of the fondant pieces ahead of time(flip flop,...
I recently made a cake with butterflies and a flower topper. I used cookie cutters for the butterflies and piped royal icing on them.
And I live right outside Providence, near Seekonk. Welcome to RI! There are so many good beaches! Roger Wheeler beach is nice for kids....less waves and a playground. 2nd beach is really popular and it's right in Newport. There's some nice ones a little further south too. My boys love East Matunuck beach b/c it has BIG waves. If you are looking for cake supplies, there is a great bakery supply place in Lincoln, RI called J.A.R. bakery supply.
I used to roll out between parchment until I had to make hundreds of cookies at my PT job. I just found it easier to use chilled dough...but not TOO chilled. Most of the cookies get picked up with the cutter and can just get plopped onto the cookie sheet. I do like to chill the cookies again in the freezer before baking. I also noticed at work that they spread less when I baked them in the deck ovens and not the convection.
I think it's worth it to buy red and black precolored and have them on hand at all times.
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