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Well....I think you would pick it up pretty quickly if you were working at the bakery. I really don't like doing BC cakes, but I work PT at a bakery where I sometimes have to do them, and they also do fondant but I've had to get used to working with whatever is ordered that day.....fondant, reg BC, IMBC. I've learned a lot and it has only improved my skills in lots of different areas. I hardly ever get any BC orders...just about everyone orders fondant from me. That's my...
confectioner's glaze is the best way to get a super shine. You can get it other places than chef rubber too.
only 2 1/2 C of sugar?? You could try adding more sugar and a less cream cheese.
No problem!! I know how it is when you keep second guessing I used to keep adding flavoring, more sugar, more butter and I could STILL taste the alpine. You don't want to be able to taste shortening in icing!!!!
It helps to wear gloves so you can really load the color on. You have to use a LOT more color than you'd think. After you get the base color, I've found it helps to use a combo of the wilton no taste red, and also the wilton red-red. This helps cut down on the yucky taste.
And sometimes you don't have to outline at all...just go around the edge of the cookie with a tip 4 and then fill in. I've used Antonia's recipe for this and it works great b/c it doesn't spread too much. Then you can go back and add details on the top after the cookie dries.
I got the narrow edger to use on fondant and it is too narrow, not sure how the other one would work. I never use it...instead I use two regular fondant smoothers and create an edge with those. But maybe someone else who had used them will have an opinion.
Michelle or anyone else, I'm about to enter my first competition coming of the mid atlantic shows. And I'm just not sure what to enter... I know I want to do a sculpted cake b/c that what I'm best at. But I'm not sure if I should enter the divisional competition or is it better to enter a sculpted cake in the wedding cake competition that represents the them. (greeting cards is the theme for the may show) I don't know if I can even compete in the wedding cake...
They still come out ok, just more dense and kind of cruncy...a little bit like shortbread. Maybe if you watch the baking time. It seemed like they got harder after cooling...still tasted good though. One of the women I work with forgot to add the baking soda to the NFSC recipe one time, which is how I know I would try to add a little bit to the dough like neomommy suggested.
I also noticed that Alpine had a funny taste that I could taste in the icing. I've used sweetex before at my PT job and never noticed any weird aftertaste like with alpine. I just started using this kind called Elite Vreamay that my bakery supply place carries. It's actually a little cheaper than alpine and it's nice and soft with no weird half the price of sweetex. The woman told me that that's what most of the local bakeries use for shortening in my area. ...
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