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Ok, hopefully these links work. I copied and pasted them from an e mail I sent on flickr. These are just a few of my favorite flickr
Yes, the no fail sugar cookie recipe is really good!! I use it all the time for sugar cookies. You should be fine using a hand mixer as long as your bowl is big enough. It may not come out as perfect but it should be ok...typically you want to beat the icing on LOW with a paddle for about 8 minutes but I've done it in a hand mixer before and it came out ok.
Your hands and fondant can't be too dry, sometimes a dab of shortening helps. Then you have to kind of squish the ball as you roll it around. This is what gets rid of the cracks. Harder at first and then ease up at the end so it turns into that perfect ball shape.
What I usually do is make my RK treat piece, let it firm up completely and then spike it onto a secured dowel. It also helps to use white chocolate as glue and to harden up the outside of the whole piece.
I recently made a vegan cake, and I used a combo of earth balance soy butter and soy shortening in the buttercream. The soy shortening was kind of gross, didn't seem like it added anything to the buttercream. I think it would be better if you needed to use soy shortening for baking purposes. The soy butter was ok though...I would use only the soy butter next time for vegan buttercream. I made raspberry BC, so I used raspberry jam and it was pretty tasty. You could...
thanks so much for the advice Michele. That's kind of what I was thinking anyway...that I should just enter the divisional competition for this year. I'm sure that will be stressful enough, LOL. Now if I can just figure out what cake to make, and which division to enter....
I agree, americolor is stronger and it's a lot less messy to just squeeze color in! There's other good brands too, like spectrum, ck, lucks...all better than wilton.
WASC is really good for a doctored mix cake! I use it all the time.For a scratch cake I like the King arthur elegant white cake recipe. I've used this recipe a lot when I need scratch cake, and have made very large batches of it and flavored the batter to different vanilla, lemon, or spice cake. They all came out good.The other ones that I keep hearing is good but haven't tried is the Cook's Illustrated white cake recipe or the whimsical bakehouse white...
I've put white chocolate on the outside too, but haven't tried mixing it in yet. That's an interesting idea though. I could see how it might work better for certain RKT tall/skinny ones? I just might have to try this out. I'd love to hear if anyone else has tried it.
did you whip it too long? Maybe try putting in the fridge to firm up a little?
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