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I sent my e mail late on Friday too, and haven't heard anything yet either. Hopefully we will both hear something tommorrow! You definitely have the skills...don't worry about that!
I sent an e-mail yesterday...haven't heard back yet. I definitely do some unusual type cakes....but who knows what they are looking for! The waiting is so hard!!!
I'm not an expert or anything but I would try adding more fat/butter. 2# for 18 lbs of sugar doesn't seem like much. I also make BIG batches of BC at my part time job in a 60 qt mixer and my BC never comes out the same as it does at work.
Last time I needed edible dirt I baked some chocolate cake scraps till they were pretty dry and then whizzed them up in the food processor.
It depends. If you are doing the carved topsy turvy than WASC might not be sturdy enough. I like to use either a dense chocolate cake or I make WASC and substitute a pound cake mix for one of the regular mixes.
Just keep baking it till it's done...springs back. You could check your oven temp too to make sure it's not too hot. You can also use the bake even strips to help with even baking.
They are a lot easier and faster to cut too. I use a combination of bubble tea straws and sharpened dowels where I need them.
Sure...that cake was a while ago but it was probably about 40 servings and I charged $150-175...can't remember. Either way it really wasn't enough for all that detail work.
I know there was some classes in MA coming up or was a class by Maisie Parrish and the other was a class with Bronwen. I can't seem to find the details but I know it was in Worcester MA.
I know!!!! And I am loving Karen Padilla's work too, recently discovered her. I forgot to list my own flickr stream in case anyone want to be my flickr buddy'd love to know who else here on CC is also on Flickr....
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