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I know!! That will take quite a while... I just got mine in the mail on Friday. My darn computer wasn't cooperating and kept shutting off on me when I was trying to burn my disc!! I ended up going to a friends house to finish it. Boy it's not easy doing a video!! When I was going through the tape I realized that I had filmed like half of mine with my zipper down! So I redid that part...don't want to see my undies on the blooper reel or anything LOL.
I think my faves are the ones that look like a squashed pile of icing with a face on it...OMG LOL!!! And the barbies...I just saw them for the 1st time. LMAO!
I've tried a lot of different variations of this...and had it come out really different. I'm picky about the crumb. I like a nice fine textured crumb and some mixes/variations have a nicer crumb than others. One thing that helps a TON with texture is to sift the mixes and dry ingredients. I usually use DH white, with 4 whole eggs, and I use 1 T vanilla and 1 t almond...sometimes I'll use a lorann flavoring too if I have it.
There is also a bakery supply place in Lincoln, RI that has a cake supply showroom and carry bulk's where I buy my fondant.(satin ice)
I loved Mary's cake!! I think that's why she won...because it DIDN'T look like a cake and it was so unique and different. Really looking forward to next week!
I talked to him for a while last night. He was really nice and helpful with video suggestions...actually said I was in the top tier of cake artists that they were looking at!!! He said to tell my CC buddies that everyone would get a response but that it might take a while since he's swamped.
I used to love cake but not really anymore. I never thought that would happen but I'm tired of cake (it did take a few years tho) Now I usually go for the freshly baked double chocolate chocolate chip cookies with ice cream and hot fudge sauce....yum!!
I know!! I had forgotten about her site and of course I had to take like 10-15 minutes going thru all her cakes.
Mine is Mike McCarey!!! LOVE his work!
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