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I use a lot of scrapbook paper or wrapping paper with clear contat paper over that. It can be a little tricky lining up the patterns on scrapbook paper, but it works. There's a bunch of examples in my photos...
Thanks Edna!! I already sent him a dvd with the video and pics, just haven't heard back I emailed him today to ask what was up.
Thanks!!! That's nice of you to say You either!! I just e mailed him actually....and sent a pic of my latest dragon cake, so we'll see. Season 2 would be nice.
I still haven't heard back anything from Frank...unless I just missed the e mail. I'm wondering if he even got my video and application...
What about just using IMBC? Isn't that more stable?
It's the oils...that always happens. What I do is knead out the oils. First I let the mixture sit for a few minutes, and then I take a small handful and kind of knead it in my hands till it comes together and most of the oil is out. Keep doing that little by little till you do the whole batch. Then wrap it up and let it sit. I find the texture to be smoother and better to work with.
[quote="sweetideas"]I was actually reading about that online recently. And what I found out is that before trying to bend the pvc you fill it with a fine sand and then use the heat gun and bend. The sand keeps the pvc from buckling so you can make a smooth curve. Haven't tried it yet myself though. I managed to get a decent curve just using pvc and 45 degree fittings so I didn't need to.
Good luck! I hate that when nothing goes right! That happened to me last weekend on my elmo cake. I've done like 4 other elmo's but for some reason I had all sorts of issues....hopefully that means the dragon will go smoothly. please please!
Oh cool!!! I love him! Can't wait to see him in a challenge. He is such an amazing cake sculptor!
PS. Sorry if I sounded irritable. I have 3 days to finish this huge dragon cake before driving it 6-8 hours to Maryland and I'm nowhere near done! heeeellllllllppppppp!!!!
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