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Check it out.
Same here. Complements, then... "why don't you have your own shop?, WHEN, are you going to have your own shop, give me one of your cards(which I don't have because I'm not legal) "........and so on. I would love a "cake only" shop but no $$$ right now to invest in another property/kitchen. I would love to be legal--it's nerve wracking as it is doing wedding cakes without the added stress of not being legal. But, how do you build a client base to BE legal without selling...
These 2 lb. bags of filling---how far does it go? How many layers will it fill--one 16" round @ one torte , 2-8" rounds one torte each....etc.....TIA
Don't know the answer but I had a question--are you going to pipe the sides of the cake and if so, would the peanut butter stay put? I would be afraid it wouldn't stick and slide off, but it's a great idea.Corn syrup sounds like it would work--give it a try. Or what about piping gel ??Let us know how it works.
skittles2120,What a terrific idea !! I'm going to check that out for myself. The tenant on the other side making the rent payments would be a dream.Could half a duplex be zoned commercial and the other half not..hmmmm, just thinking out loud....This opens up a whole new world of possibilities..... tell your boyfriend THANKS !!
That is hilarious!! I have a younger brother who's birthday is Dec. 28 and the next brother's birthday is Jan.7th--one year and one week apart!! My parents had "the fever" bad- change the subject , do those shops in Houston have websites??
There sure are a lot of December birthdays---must be the nice springs here in Texas with all the bluebonnets , spring fever !!LOL!
These are amazing! I could look at these for hours just "drinking" in all the detail and diagraming in my head how to do this!
Wow, Stephanie,--Plano is a "high end" city. I would have thought your prices could be more. Even though Waco is over 100,000 pop. it's still a "country" city and only weddings or VERY special occasion cakes bring the big bucks. I would sure like to tap into the big money, but for now my clients are like me, just regular people, middle class with kids in school or college and still on budgets.I actually based my prices off all the threads I read here on CC. I printed off...
I know, I know--that's cheap, but I don't think I could get your prices right now from around here. The graduation cakes I did for $40.00 as was the bathtub baby shower cake. I have just been REALY working at doing this as a business since March so my "client base" is practically nonexistant and word-of-mouth is slow!$30 is twice what a Wal-Mart cake is......... : (
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