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I agree with the others--be careful. If you don't know him, ask around and find out what kind of person he is from people who have done business with him. Find out if he's a nice person just offering advise or a kook. In these times it's better to be too careful than to wish you had later.Good luck.
I have done it both ways, but if they are to go on the sides of a cake, I would let them harden a little like Moria76 suggested.If they are going on the top, such as a sheet cake, if they are not too flimsy, you can pick them up and put them right on the cake.Happy "accenting".
I agree, it's been long enough, go get your things. While you are there, come right out and ask about the cake. Be blunt, the way they both have acted they don't deserve "nice-ities". Changing the reception site without telling you--what's with that? They DID pay for the cakes-right? They sound like a pair of scatter brains and maybe the stress from all this scattered them more. But no excuse for not returning your things.
Congrats on your first wedding cake ! It's beautiful!Can't wait to see the next one.
Welcome newbie! And yet another December birthday! Congrats on getting your degree--hope you don't have to make your own graduation cake LOL!
I am sooo excited! I just had a consult with the bride who wants her cake to be a stack of books. The cake will be for 80 and she agreed to fondant because of the design! This is going to be so much fun! English literature books with gold lettering and designs on the fronts and spine and gold edged pages. Shakespeare, works of Poe, Oscar Wilde, Elliot. OH she also added a small groom's cake in BC with a Celtic Cross. I'm so excited--oops, already said that , but I...
WAY to cheap for your area! I'm near Waco and I can get $2.00 for BC (base price). Your cakes are beautiful--in fact, your Tiffany blue cake is in my favorites and one of my very faves!! Raise your prices and I agree--have your mom "help" next time you have a tiered cake to make.It may be that everyone is getting ready for school to start and aren't thinking about cakes right now--it's slooooow here,too.
Welcome! Glad you found CC--you will find yourself cruising this site for hours and your friends and family will have to get a crowbar and pry you away!! So, be warned--it's addicting!
Can fondant be frozen?
These two are just about neck and neck.I have to thank aggiecakes for the first one, for letting me "clone" her cake. second one is my personal favorite: butt is numb from sitting here looking at everyone's cakes. What talent there is here!
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