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Here's one from Earlene's:
Thanks. Guess I just needed to be a little more patient, but I thought I had really screwed it up!Yep, the picture did finally show up.thanks again.
Gorgeous !! Congrats on your win!
Help! I was trying to replace one of my photos with a new picture and now I have nothing!! The old photo is gone and I can't get the new one to load. I don't get any message saying why--such as the photo size is too large, just a red 'x' in a box. What have I done wrong? Can anyone help?? TIA
I just typed in "Houston cake clubs" and an ton of names came up Here's the link to one:'s not the one I was thinking of, but a place to start. There were several others listed too. Do a search, maybe there's another one close to you.Good luck.
NiteOwl4everThere is a cake club there in Houston--I have seen their website but at the moment I can't think of the name of the club. Any one else here know the name?I will see if I can find it again.
Thanks all! Yes, Michelle is awesome!gateaux, thanks for the link to the post --I copied the instuctions from it and put in my "keep forever" file.
I wanted to ask permission to make a similar cake. My bride wants the same colors but with her book titles. Just wanted to be polite and ask.Also, need guidance for doing this cake.1. Do you completely wrap each cake/book with fondant or is just the top and spine one piece of fondant with the bottom edges that show just pieces placed around the bottom edges? (hope that made since.)2. How to stack them: Just like a round or square cake-boards cut to the shape and doweled...
The bride wants her cake similar to this one but I cannot find it on CC. I looked under groom's cakes, book cakes and did a search for book cakes but haven't found it. I thought it was from CC but maybe not. If it is yours please let me know as I have questions about how to go about this. Thanks.
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