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When she said "you get what you pay for" .... I think I would have said ", Apparently so, she got YOU !!" Your cake is gorgeous!! I'm sure you will get rave revues from the bride and MOB and when you do be sure to tell them what their wedding planner said and how unprofessional she was. They may not want to refer her to any of their friends if they want to keep their friends!!They definately got waaaaay more than what they paid for!Take a hot soaking bubble bath with a...
Beautiful --cake and table arrangement!!
TeeKakes,Are the orange looking shells actually orange-it is hard to tell on my screen--or are they peach? I need a really pretty pearl orange to put on an old Chevy Pick Up cake I will be doing next month so I need a "Halloween" orange but pearlescent.BTW--your shells are gorgeous!
I hear my credit card groaning from inside my purse........
I was wondering if I could use a poundcake and add strawberry flavoring.That Durable Recipe looks good,too. I think I'll do a "test run" on both.thanks for your suggestions, mdgqueen!
I am meeting with the MOG on Sunday to discuss the groom's cake. She wants an old Chevy Pick Up made of Strawberry cake. Strawberry cake seems waaaaay so moist and crumbly to be used for a "carved" cake even covered in fondat. What are CC member's opinions? Is there a Strawberry cake recipe or mix extender recipe that will make it more dense for this project, or should I use some other cake with Strawberry flavoring. I usually us DH Strawberry cake mix.Please help--any...
Wonder why Michael's didn't know to tell me that?! I was going to take a box of icky Wilton fondant but never thought of taking a cake board--thanks.
The cake is fabulous!! Can't believe you were sick, planning a wedding and MOB at the same time! Any secrets to pulling off all this--I'll be making the cake for my oldest son's wedding next year.Again, you did a fabulous job! Soooo elegant.
I start Wilton Fondant/Gumpaste classes tonight--what do I need to take besides the kit?
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