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9 x 13=$2011 x 15=$30These are sheet cakes with BC and basic decorations. I charge add'l for fondant figures, bows or 3D items on the cake(such as the StarBucks coffe cup)Stacked cakes start at $2.00 for BC / $3.50 for Fondant & carved cakesAgain I charge add'l for fondant on BC, figures, etc on stacked cakes.I try not to do cupcakes--I think they are a pain, and I DO NOT DO COOKIES mostly for the same reason but also my niece just bought the local franchise of Cookies By...
Churches run day cares in their buildings--why not a bakery?? A church in my city is renting their kitchen to a caterer. My parent's church just built a new church and in the steeple there is whatever is needed for a cell phone company to transmit off thier steeple--microwaves???--anyway, seems churches now days can make money for themselves in allot of ways. I'm very interested in knowing how this turns out for you. Please let us know.
OMG! that's a post I started but I forgot about the pointers ShirleyW wrote!! Getting old SUCKS !!
I bought my set used so I don't have any exact informations about them;Don't know the brand, there is nothing stamped on any of the 5 pans, but I was told they were from Australia.Have no clue as to the gauge but they are very substantial--they are tin not aluminum, shiney and a nice weight. They are also 3" deep.The sides are straight with 90* "corners"--the edges are not rounded.I traced my pans so I could measure out how many servings per pan and this is what I came up...
I also have a 5 piece Australian set of the paisley/ comma pans. I have only used the middle pan so far and it baked with no problems. It all baked evenly. It is the StarBucks cake in my photos. I haven't gotten to use the whole set yet--but can't wait. I still plan on making some dummies but--haven't had the time for that either Good luck on your paisley pan wedding cake--can't wait to see your pictures!
Narie,thanks--I forgot about Earlene's site---DUH!!! that's where I had seen a chart!Thanks again
I have a wedding cake order that will be 14-12-10-6" squares. The 14-12 & 6 will have impression mat lattice on all sides with gold dragees at each cross of the line.Question: is there a chart somewhere that tells have many dragees I will need for each size tier? Is there a simple way of figuring this that I'm just not seeing? Will measuring my mat, multiplying how many times it will be needed to go around each tier and then multiplying the "intersections" on the mat...
They both look great--no suggestions here!Good luck on your next one.
Thanks for sharing ! What a great, simple idea. (I'm in Texas --I love your accent )
Here is one by sue_dye that is beautifully done. Elegant and camo at the same time.
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