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Wal-Mart here, too.
[quote="aztomcat"]I did a search under Recipes and did not find yours. I keep getting "not found" or something like that. Am I looking in the right place??? I typed in the name for the cake and icing and came up blank. Help!
While I was at SCORE, there was another woman in the room. When I asked my person about renting a kitchen, this woman offered some suggestions after my person came up blank. WELL, she called me and left a name and number on my machine of a man to contact who runs one of the VFW posts!! Said he thought he could help and was expecting my call!! Yippee. It was too late to call and today I've had "family things" to do, but I am calling tomorrow afternoon! Keep your fingers...
I agree with sticking with what works--and definately don't try out something new at a show. Congrats on your new shop--I'm jealous and happy for you!!OK--there's a box mix for WASC????? Who makes it? Where do I get it???
".....stuck with a dud"Thank you!! that's exactly what I felt like but just couldn't put my finger on it! I felt like I was guiding HER--telling her what I was needing to know and asking how to go about it. I was asking pertinant questions and she just kept referring to "my vision" and not hearing passion when I spoke about my cake business. Well excuuuuuuuse me if I didn't jump up and down and giggle and get all crazy! That's just not me. I'll get all warm and fuzzy...
I had my first meeting this morning with a woman from S.C.O.R.E. and I left feeling very let down. Maybe I had the wrong idea of what they do--I was expecting them to maybe hand me forms or guidelines that would show me how to write a business plan and other important things I need to know like the food laws or health laws...????? I asked about renting kitchen space and she had never heard of such a thing . I got nothing but the same questions over and over..."what is...
I am also a DH user with no problems and raves from customers.I always use milk instead of water with any cake mis and add vanilla or almond extract depending on the cake.The strawberry is the only one I'm not crazy about--the flavor is OK but the texture is very "crumbly"'s just not my favorite cake from DH.
LOVE IT !! Can't wait to see the pictures !!
KathleenR,My niece makes this cake all the time and I agree--IT IS TO DIE FOR!!
Perfect timing--I was just thinking about this today. I have a pumpkin birthday cake to make plus Halloween deserts, and these recipes sound yummy!!
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