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...what about wine glasses....sorry, just had to throw that in.I agree with all the others--when creativity strikes--go with it, especially for family. The experience and practice alone is worth it, never know when you will hit on a creation that someone might want to order and PAY FOR !!! I always go overboard and DH is always walking by while I'm working and saying "stop, you've done enough for what they're paying for"....or "they didnt' request that so why are you...
Thanks.Anyone can PM to me or email at :
What about all the Food NetWork Challenges?? Those guys are hammering in wooden dowels all over the place. If they weren't safe the judges would certainly say something and they wouldn't be allowed. If the professionals use them---I would say they are very safe.
My relative emailed me for suggestions for her son-in-laws 40th birthday cake next week. He loves to hunt and wanted something in camo. I sent her several ideas.She emailed me back a "thank you" and hoped TOM THUMB GROCERY STORE COULD MAKE SUCH A CAKE FOR HER !!!OMG!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO! I live too far away or I would make it myself so please, anyone in the Dallas area, please send me your shop names, numbers or websites to send my cousin! Her zipcode is 75245 so anyone close...
OMG! You're the age of my sons!! (feeling really old now....)I looked at your cakes--you have a natural talent. Go girl !!Sorry Waco wasn't for you, but I know you at least got a good education by graduating from Baylor. Waco has always been lacking in things to do for your age group, even when I was your age! Keep up the good work with your cakes!
What year were you here at Baylor?
I have been hired to make a centerpiece cake to replicate the dress for a quinceanera. It is just to sit in front of the honoree mostly as decoration and to take home--not to be cut at the pary. I plan on making it the size I have seen on CC using stacked cakes (I do not have the Wonder Mold). My question is: How much should I charge for this cake? It will be white cake coverd in fondant with piped lace in lilac or hand painted in lilac on the fondant--haven't worked that...
OH NO !! Hope you didn't shop at the HEB "on campus"--it's needed to be bulldozed for years but it's still open!! What a dump!! Besides that one, there are 4 other HEB's in the Waco area now. Yes, Waco is not a real "happening" place. LOL!! But, I was born and raised here so.....guess I'll stay.
Internet discription of HEB---"H.E.Butt Grocery Company (abbreviated H-E-B) is a privately held San Antonio, Texas-based supermarket chain with over 300 stores throughout Texas and northern Mexico."
I have bought gold ones off Ebay--there are several sellers, just compare prices. I was buying from C & C Candies but they haven't listed any in a while--glad I stocked up.
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