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when I made a 6-pack of beer cake (in my photos) I baked the cakes in a washed out beer can that had the top cut off. I greased it really good and baked at 325. it worked out great. hth... btw, I used box mix
I use buttercream to cover my rkt. But, I have seen posts where people use melted chocolate or nothing at all. hth
here's the guitar cake I did my first wood-look on. I thought it turned out pretty good. tfl I hope I posted that right, if not, it's the first guitar in my photos
I have an epson cx7400 and it works great hth
I agree with kiddiekakes. or maybe make rkt and shape it that way, then ice.hth
no. you need to put the wire in coffee stir sticks or something like that. hth
depending on how big you want it, I would do the rounds cut in half like you were saying. I think I have seen some and that is what they did. I have done some beer cans but not big ones. hth
Oh, forgot to say that I have read where some people have used real leaves and just washed them first. I tried but it didn't work for me.
I made two different cakes with the chocolate leaves on them (in my pics) and I used fake, plastic leaves that I washed first. I melted the chocolate and brushed it on then put in the freezer to firm up. when it was firm, I just peeled off the leaf. then I used a brush to dust with luster dust to get the fall colors. hth
I apply piping gel on the back of the wafer/rice paper. hth
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