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Yea, I can't remember how I found out about it, seems like maybe I heard someone else say they had done it, but I called them yesterday morning to make sure.... And $5 is a great price, I thought!!!
Same here. I just had one done at Wal-mart yesterday for my son's 6th Grade Graduation cake... It was only $5.
You can also set your settings on there to where you approve your comments before they show up on your page. That is how I have my comments set. That way if someone makes a comment that I don't approve of, it never shows up on my page. So far I've never had to do that though... HTH.
I would have felt like I was being taken advantage of too. For the most part, I don't mind last minute orders either, but to show up at someone's house at 6 A.M., fully expecting you to do it, with no questions asked!! And then to be irritated that you said no.... NOPE... You definitely did the right thing!
I think you did the right thing. (IMHO) I think that after I got over my initial shock, I, too, would have said No to this one! Six A.M. is early to me, and to just show up on your doorstep, with absolutely NO warning.... I can't imagine.
Sorry for all you went through! Sounds like a cake day I would have! LOL But the cake turned out beautiful!! I love it, and I'm sure they did too!!
Yep, me too!! They are super cute and super easy!
Great job!!!!!!!!! Awesome cake!!
Just wanted to say that this is a great thread!!! I guess I didn't really have any problems during my wedding, but I was a bridesmaid in my DH's cousin's wedding. It was in a church, and there were beautiful candelabras set up. Well, the church had a ceiling fan above where the pulpit would have been (it had been moved for the wedding). Right in the middle of the ceremony, we started smelling something, we look up and the heat from the candles had started burning the...
I am curious about this also. My DH and I were looking at their site the other day wondering about it.
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