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Anybody?  Really just need to know where to begin please.
I would like to make a 3d helicopter.  I'm thinking the helicopter will feed approximately 20 people. How big of a cake do I need for carving?  Does anyone have a pattern or advise in carving this?  And the blades = would you put wire to stabilize them if they are made from gum paste?  Also what colors do you use to make army green?
I am making a small stacked book cake and need to drive it 8 hours.  What's the best way to do this?
I have to bake a 12 x 18 cake which will be in a Fat Daddio pan. since this is the first time using these pans does anyone have baking times for this size pan?
Thanks, I just PM'd you. Greatly appreciated!
I'm having issues getting my stands returned to me. My contract reads:STANDS/PILLARS:If non-disposable stands, separator plates, pillars, etc. are used on your cake; there is minimum a $100.00 rental/deposit. All items must be returned in good condition to Lisa’s Custom Cakes within 5 days of your event. If items are returned in satisfactory condition your deposit less $25.00 rental fee will be returned. If items are not returned within the 5 days or are damaged then...
I tried it once a few years ago. I promptly returned it to the store. It was very stretchy and wouldn't hold it shape for anything. I bought it because they didn't have satin ice in stock. Now the store doesn't even sell Ballina
Anyone know of any stores near Cocoa Beech for cake decorating supplies? I will be there next month and need to make a cake so will be needing a few supplies. Any suggestions would be great.Thanks,
I have a a local chef that would like to give me the opportunity to provide my cakes for his restaurant. I'm very excited about the opportunity as it will definitely let me gain more experience and clients. I have no problems pricing wedding cakes and 3-D cakes but when it comes to simple party cakes I do. They are looking for a basic cake to feed about 10 people. I have total artistic freedom. Which sometimes is worse. Would you do a single layer or double layer? ...
I have a vinyl placemat with a lace imprint and am wondering if I coated it with crisco if I could use this a a pattern for sugarveil? I though maybe since it has a raised pattern that I could coat the placemat and let it dry. Has anyone tried this or have any insight on if this might work or not?
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