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OP, have you tried youtube, to see if there any any videos of recipes-in-progress?
I had a 2-hour "consultation" with a lady for her 4 year old's bday. (I know, I know - I looked at it as a 2-hr lesson in Unrealistic Expectations 101)Wants Miley Cyrus's Sweet 16 cake. That morphs into a 3-tier pink/gold/black topsy turvy, stripes on one tier, interlocking gold Chanel "C" logo on one tier, polka dots on one tier. She's very, very picky about the exact shade of hot pink. Oh, and she doesn't like the fondant stripes "sticking out away from the cake",...
YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!
can you talk to the city inspector again and find out exactly what the lousy baker did? If you can, make your case (with concrete "evidence" or whatever supporting documentation) how you will do things differently.
is this a paid cake or a freebie? If it's a freebie, then then just make it 3-layered. If it's paid, then give her exactly what she ordered and paid for.
Do it! I am anxious to hear their non-answer!
Yes, once or twice removed......
If you can't get any Americolor, it's going to take a lot of the Wilton royal blue.
I just KNEW you would get it!!
I know EXACTLY who can do a fabulous $300 cake for 700 - maybe even $250! Her name is Helen Waite.Please tell the bride to go to Helen Waite.
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