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JoAnn's, Michael's, Ben Franklin Crafts.I think there is also a template to make one in gumpaste. Try searching the sketch/template forum.Good luck!
I saved a photo of a gorgeous D'Reyes Cakes creation, then my computer crashed, and I lost it. It had been posted in the course of a forum thread, a few months ago.I've searched google, the D'Reyes site & links, flikr, and 200+ pages of CC forums, with no luck.It was a 3 tier (maybe 4) stacked, raspberry-ish red with tapered sides. It had hundreds of tiny pink/white flowers (apple blossoms, I think) around the base of each tier, plus a cascade or bunch of flowers on the...
I am thinking of Irish symbols, like a claddagh or triquetra.I think there is a Celtic section in the photo galleries - that might get you started!
Recent discussion on this very topic here: - greetings, Loveland, CO! I used to live in Parker!
Is a joint venture with the current owner a possibility? I think you need more time to see if this is a viable commitment for you, both financially and timewise.I'm thinking you run/manage the place, while she remains a silent partner and gets a percentage. Or, you lease it from her for 6 months, then re-group with her and decide then. Good luck!
she changed her screen name a short time ago
I had a similar experience about a year ago. I arrived at a party with a fondant-covered "Santa bag" with about six handmade toys spilling out of the top of the bag. Someone wanted me to make one for her - and she was THRILLED to "offer" me $40 for it! She's a sweet lady. A bit clueless, but sweet nonetheless.BTW - love your helmet - it's fantastic!
Two thoughts:1. You can't fix stupid2. Some people are tackier than double-stick tape
good question! I'm not sure!I just kept repeating "I'm sorry, but it's just not possible for me to do that"
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