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I'm working on sketches for a TT wedding cake and a gorilla groom's cake!
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I would do a naughty cake if asked. BUT - NO fountains, plastic staircases, plastic people, sheet cakes, or licensed characters. I do have to have standards, you know!
"HEYYYYYY ..... SHE got the toenail piece!!!!! I WANTED THE TOENAIL PIECE!!!!! WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
what a great idea!!!!
I've seen a chocolate mold that had combs, brushes, rollers, & hair dryers on it.I would use a dark purple disco dust or other sprinkle, since purple icing fades and purple candy melts can look grey/ashy, IMHO.
Clueless Dork: "they're so cute, not 25 hours cute, but cute"Me (pie-eyed and innocent-looking): "um, what do you mean?"Clueless Dork: "um, well I........"Me (smiling inside as she stumbles over her clueles dorkiness, but still looking wide-eyed and innocent): "um, what do you mean?"
thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!you ROCK!!!!!!
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