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I think he's one of those people who fells like he just HAS to have the last word or get in the last jab over something.Either you stick to your guns, and endure some attitude from him, or "cave in" and have him treat you like some pushover little girl.He sounds EXACTLY like my dad.
I realize that you were referring to a storefront bakery, that there were no dogs in the bakery, and that the dog hair came from the associates. I got all of that. Really, I did. My last comment was directed at the original direction of this thread, not to the content of your post. Regardless of the local laws, I personally would not order from a home-based baker that has pets in the house.
I just did a WASC with Bavarian cream filling, covered in dark chocolate ganache.Eclair Cake - yum!
I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.I would not order from a home-based baker that has pets in the house. Nope, just couldn't do it.
It's a tradition that originally started in the South. It is usually chocolate, frosted in chocolate, or has chocolate-covered strawberries on it. It represents the groom and his interests - hobby, fave sports team, etc.Check with the couple to see what they want. I have found separate tables work the best. The couple gets two cake cutting photo ops, and the DJ/bandleader can play a different song at the groom's cake cutting to establish a different mood for the room.
Wilton 233nope, it's very easy! have fun!
Amen, sista!Plus, La-Bella-Flor mentioned something to me that I wholeheartedly agree with. People confuse "service" with "servant". Yes, I am providing a service for you, but I am NOT your SERVANT and I am NOT going to bow to your every wish and command. (dismissive snapping of the fingers)
If I had an inconsiderate SIL who didn't respect my generosity and my time constraints, I would feel awful too.
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