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There's already a "First Communion" gallery - most religious cakes are there.
Which search words or phrases did you use for google? No luck there?
If you use frosting for the binder, canned frosting is way to greasy. Just whip up a batch of your own - makes a world of difference!
Try looking in the recipe section - there's a "durable cake for wedding and carving" or something like that.
Say it out loud, maybe it will make sense to you. It means, that, eventually she'll get what's coming to her.You can either wait around for God/karma/fate to make it happen, or call a lawyer to make it happen NOW.
Repeat after me: "time wounds all heels, time wound all heels"
Oh, I just found the wording I used to "fire" a bride a few days ago. I think it's a keeper, since you don't even want to work with this woman.After much contemplation following today's communication, I have determined thatSugar Buzz! will not be able to accomodate this cake order. I do wish you all the best.
"I'm sorry, I don't have to. After much consideration, I have determined that it's just not possible for me to further pursue your cake order. I do wish you the best."
Oh how I miss Denver, DeeDee!!!!! Lived in Parker for 3 glorious years!now in central VA.
Haven't beenher in a couple of days, so here goes.....Allowing a service dog into an establishment and having a pet in a home-based bakery are two vastly different subjects, so I won't try to compare the two situations.I am extremely allergic to animals. Their hair/fur, their skin, and their saliva. One of my children is also allergic, but to a somewhat lesser degree than I am. Additionally, it's my personal preference (or squeamishness, if you want to see it that way)...
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