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dawncr has an excellent point. Look at Vera Wang, who single-handedly reinvented the wedding gown industry. Her gowns have nary a candy-box bow on the butt, a basque waistline, or a skirt big enough to hide a small army of feral children. Do you really think her business is taking a hit for it?? Go, Christi, go!!!
I think this idea will work better as a tag line, instead of the "main name", but here goes:"Unsurpassed Sugar Artist" or maybe "Unsurpassed Sugar-artist of Augusta". That way, you can definitely include either "USA" or "US of A" in/on your marketing and help grab that military clientele.That's the extent of my creative thinking for the day. HTH!Good luck!
Bummer...I like guava monkey-butt cake! I just had a thought - I bet an orange marmalade filling would work nicely with the spices.
Southerners refer to this as "hummingbird cake" and it's not unusual for weddings. One layer of our wedding cake was hummingbird with cream cheese filling- waaaay back in 1995, and it was a huge hit. Here's another recipe to consider:'t wait to see your pic of it!
Hi Texas Rose-I've noticed when I paint fondant with paste/vodka, the painted areas look shiny and are sticky to the touch. Do you know what I am doing wrong? Is it wrong proportions of paste to vodka?Thanks!
I'm kinda thinking about a waterfall or a creek, with butterflies on a couple of large rocks/boulders. The butterflies would be pretty and feminine, counterbalanced by the more masculine, woodsy scene. The water represents a cleansing, the rocks represent strength, and butterflies represent new life. One thought about pink ribbons is they represent breast cancer, which usually strikes women, so that kinda leaves the dad "left out" in the design. imho.
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