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Yes. A company might have said "oh, here's the report totals we use for filing purposes", but we always wanted to see the backup for the reports - and then we went through stacks and stacks (or boxes and boxes) of individual invoices.
It depends on how you have set up your business.If you consider yourself a "cake retailer" and charge sales tax on the final price of the cake: * you do not have to pay use tax on things that go directly into the cake, like ingredients, food color, fondant, boards, etc. * you do have to accure and pay the appropriate use tax on all things that are not a direct component of the sold cake, like equipment, printed marketing materials, or frosting bags. If you consider...
Depending on the size of the cake, I use either MDF board (Home Depot lumber department), or 2 layers of 1/2" foamcore. If you use the MDF you will also need a floor flange (HD plumbing department) screwed into the center. Cut a piece of PVC pipe a couple of inches shorter than your total cake height. Glue pipe to a PVC connector (looks like a hollow cup with the screw thread on its bottom). Twist and glue into foamcore or into the floor flange. Cover the PVC pipe...
Midlothian here!
I don't think anyone was nasty. Can't any subject be discussed without the huffiness?
What if someone wants an honest opinion?
not surprised - just disappointed
who knew messing around with cake balls was so much fun??awwwww, the funny pic got deleted
Unfortunately, NO!
There's already a separate gallery for Bat/Bar Mitzvah, so the only alternative I can think of is to rename them "Religious - Christian" and "Religious - Jewish". Which will morph into splitting "Religious - Christian" into Protestant and Catholic sub-galleries, and adding "Religious - Muslim", "Religious - Buddist", "Religious - Wiccan", "Religious - Pagan" and so on. I have a feeling that's not gonna work.
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