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I dont mean bourbon beans as thats what in my vodka bottle in the picture I mean how would your product taste using vanilla made with bourbon (the one you drink) At the beginning of this thread a link was already posted on how to make the vanilla including the ratio.
Good question 7yyrt as I was thinking of making a bourbon vanilla next. I'd be curious to know the answer so if any one has tried it please let us know.
lol bettinashoeHere's my vanilla that has been fermenting since sept 20. It's still in the vodka bottle lol but will wait till its completely ready before I re bottle it. I also made 2 small bottles as gifts I put the vanilla in the small mason jars and then decorated the jars. My sister and sister in law were quite impressed and glad to have it. I will be able to use it for my christmas baking.
tks jess thats what I thought she meant. That she then uses the brite white to get rid of the color in her fondant or frosting.
pianocat why would you want to color your vanilla? It's supposed to be brown. Am I not reading your post right? Are you trying to make it white?
This site will help anyone wanting to try their hand at making their own vanilla. It gives tons of information about buying and storing the beans as well as a step by step guide on how to make the extract
I bought my beans on ebay and got a really great price along with free shipping. Just made my vanilla yesterday using 40pct vodka. Now all I have to do is wait lol
Indy you just proved my point about big busniess and I think from most of your posts that you've almost forgotten how to be a regular person. All yuu think about is the almighty dollar just like the big corps do and to hell with the little folk. Well I happen to have a heart and if I dont think it will bankrupt me by refunding the shipping or offering a discount on a future order and it will keep my customer happy and coming back or giving referals then what is wrong with...
I totally agree with azcake. If you think this will be a repeat customer then for business purposes I would refund the shipping as a good will gesture. I know how I feel when big companies say sorry tough luck for you but if it's a company that cares about it's customers and offers something even a discount on my next order you betcha I'll return and tell my friends of the great service I got.
I prefer working with fondant as it's easier and looks so much better. The only problem is that no one I know likes the stuff lol we all grew up with buttercream. The last cake I made with fondant with a buttercream crumb coast everyone threw the fondant away saying "yuk" what is that stuff? lol so lesson learned no more fondant except for accents. This way I'm not wasting my time or my ingredients only to see it thrown away.
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