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i use appricot jam and i find my fondant sticking very well
yes i will like to know how he does it because mine turn into a mess
i saw cakeboss use a turn table which he embedded in the larger cake.hope this helps
great cake and tanks for all the helpful replys you guys make it sound so easy. Diane how did you get the kaliedoscope colours?
yes its supposed to be one cake with grad cap and school logo and it is the 10th anniversary of the school. thanks
i need to make an anniversary cake and a graduation cake for a school and i have to incoporate the school logo, i was thinking of a gaduation cap but i really dont know what to do. i have to have it ready for thursday. HELP
i just read that you add black to chocolate fondant, and that helps in eliminating the bitter taste. i havent tried it though i plan to i usually just paint on the black paste which i mix with alchohol. goodluck
i wish i knew
i hope there is someone out there who can help me out, i saw a flier advertising decoupage and lace technique from argentina, what is that?and what does it look like and how is it done. pls help!! i dont want to pay for something and realise it is something i know already, pictures will also help greatly. thanks
tanks labellaflor
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