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Orchard Products makes them...
I think it has to do more with what you use to ice and fill your cake with.  The only time it happened to me was when I had iced and filled the cake with ganache.  It firmed up fairly stiff and woudn't release the legs and plate.
I will be doing a wedding cake with fondant panels to get the edges really sharp. I have used panels before on single tier cakes where the bottom of the panel of fondant was resting on the board. I'm worried about using panels on the upper tiers of the cake because the panels will be on the side of the cake/board and not resting on the board itself (I don't want the board to show). I'm afraid the weight of the panel will cause it to slide down off the cake. I hope...
Thanks! I have some heavy plastic straws that I think I will dowel with to be on the safe side.
I am right in the middle of making a tiered 4 in. on top of a 7 in. The cake is a dense chocolate stout cake almost like a brownie. Do I need to support the 4 inch cake with dowels? TIA!
I made mine the same way kathie-d did hers. I used colored gumpaste and then I lightly airbrushed them. It gave them a more realistic look in my opinion. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
Thank you so much for the help. I have looked for the last two hours and can't find the tutorial. Her gelatine bubble one is great! I will have to try those sometime. Anyway, I PM'ed sweetflower. I'm sure she is really busy, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will respond.
Does anyone have any experience with making a 3D wine glass? I need it to be actual size and standng up for the top of a cake. It could be made out of any edible medium. I thought gumpaste would be the easiest, but I'm open to any and all suggestions!
I have used royal icing and color flow transfers on several buttercream cakes without a problem. They have even sat overnight and still were fine. I think it depends on your buttercream. If you have a good crusting buttercream, you should be fine.
I traveled 4 hours over bumpy country roads with a 4 tier cake using SPS. (It's the SFA Graduation cake in my photos) It made it there just fine. Whoever is driving yours still needs to be carefull, but I think it will make it there with no problems.
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