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Wow thanks for the great idea.
I dont know could you maybe use mmf and trim it with decorative curve or flowers for the trim differant color mmf for a ribbon effect Maybe drape it on the belly part to look like a dress that is waivy hmmm...Good luck Oh find the pictures in the gallaries/photo and click on them sometimes the cake bakers will give directions on what they did.
I do hope that your son is feeling much better=)
You did nothing wrong!!! First off she should be happy that you got 1/2 paid and that you are able to trade or give your talent as a gift to others. Of course she may be the type of person that only takes and not the type that gives but some friends (like myself) can not see people for there true colors until something like this happens, and then boom!!! You suddenly relize that you are the one that always gives and gives and some are just in line ready to take and take...
I think it looks great.
How about piping gel? That might work well with the colors of the animal.
Love that cake to cute. He might want to put it on the floor board next time.
Ok here is my suggestion. Look on Now they may not a large variety but they do carry boxes, cake boards off and on of course when they are in stock. Now all you pay is $2.95 per shipping order. Not per item so I hope this helps. Good luck.
Well I have Wilton and they work great they are not non stick yet I have never had a problem with them sticking, lots of crisco and flour. I have not had any rust or ugly pan problems with them. I do wash and dry them once I am done with them. Now I do have a non stick cooks essentials cookie sheet, and no matter how fast I was and dry them rust does appear on the bottom of the sheet where the seam is. Same with the Lassanga pan. So I tend to stay away from non stick pans...
Well I agree with Debbie you are getting extra heavenly points and you did volunteer, on a good note the church may ask you do make cakes and pay you now that they got a free sample, plus all those people that enjoyed you cakes will probably keep you in mind next time they need one for a special occasion. You might want to make buisness cards to hand out. And let it be known that you do make cakes for sale. Good luck
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