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Wow! I haven't been here in a while either and look what I've been missing! Congratulations, Heath & Jackie! So very exciting! You may remember me, (I'm the one behind the Warning of addiction icon =). It looks like I've got lots to catch up with here so I'd better get reading! The cake venture sounds oh so very exciting & interesting to say the least! This will be remembered for a long time! =)
Self taught for sure! Took the first Wilton course but had already taught myself more than you learn in that course so I went on teaching myself after that too. LOTS of practice and experience is key to great decorating success!!!!!
If you wet the wrap with water first, your fondant should stick just fine. =)
I LOVE the 3" cake pans! I have many samples of mini cakes in my gallery if you want to check them out. I find it harder to cut them out of sheet cakes and you have more crumbs. When using the 3" pans (I got Wilton's set that comes in a pack of 3 or 4, can't remember!! I have a doz of them though) the sides are slightly flared so when they bake up and you turn them out, they look like a large muffin. I freeze mine first. Then I trim off the tops, put two layers together...
Hey DelightsByE,I use Wilton colors usually. I think I'd start with purple and try adding some blue and red to that. Start with only about a TBSP of icing till you get the color you're looking for before tinting lots of icing. Be ready to use LOTS of tint too!!HTHelly
That is SO pretty PennySue! I love the colors you practiced with too! You know, you can also sponge onto stencils with food paste colors too. You don't get the raised 3-D effect like this but it's pretty. Heck! You could do a combo of both! Tiggy, I use buttercream normally but royal would work too.have fun stenciling all!!elly=o)
CONGRATULATIONS Sugarfancy on a great and well deserved win, and to cakemommy, confectionaryperfection, sunlover00, and steveandjill...way to go!!!! Outstanding work everyone!!!!!blessings,elly=o)
Kristy!!! What a beautiful cake!! Some how I've missed this one!! I too love doing fondant this way!Glad you finally came out of the lurking closit Pudd!!!! I have a Mother's Day cake in my gallery that has a look on the bottom tier like Kristy's here but it's only a few inches tall instead of the usual 4-5". It's SO easy to do this way! Hope you find what you're looking for!elly
LOL, thanks Cindy!!! Yes that poem is pretty funny too (a lot funnier to read than to go through 2 days without CC!!!) but it was fun to write. Too bad that one isn't as easy to find.....LOL CC is really easy and fun to write about!!Thanks again Cindy!elly
DITTO>>> DITTO>>>>DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!
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