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I entered my cake in the county fair this week and received a blue ribbon & a merit award. I did a topsy turvy Alice in Wonderland 5 tier cake full of bright colors. I have had so many people come up to me at the fair and tell me that my cake is just amazing. This is all after I took a year off from making cakes. My mom passed away and I just haven't felt up to it. She was always so proud of me when I did these things. After taking my family to Disney World this...
The craft glue worked great. Thank you so much! I just posted pics of the finished cake. Can't wait for the fair now
What's the best way to attach a ribbon to a wooden board? We tried super glue but it's showing through the ribbon. I've never decorated a board before so I want it to look nice and have no idea how to do it. Thanks!
I haven't read all the comments but I had something like this happen to me a year ago. I entered a Sputnik cake contest (one that I had won the previous year). They have the cakes numbered so the judges didn't "know" who's was who's but I think they knew. There was one of our city officials on the board of judges and we had gone to him about opening a cake bakery out of our home... he told us we couldn't without even listening to our reasons and blah blah, really ticked...
So it's been a year since my big screw up. I had a friend of mine suggest me to a couple that she knew for a wedding cake. They came over and picked out a design. I wrote everything down and they paid me for it. She brought me 2 pieces of fabric to match the frosting to. They ordered a tiered cake with a simple squiggle design all over it and fresh flowers in between each tier (which they would provide the day of the wedding). I made the cake, delivered it and set it...
Can't anyone help?
I want to order the whimsical cakes. Can I go right in order and get the 6", 8", 10" or do I have to get them in increments so they fit on top of each other (like 6", 10", 14")??? I'm confused! Thanks in advance!
I know that the one from 3 months ago still has them so I'm not worried about that. She just went through a miscarriage so I'm not about to bother her about a measley cake plate. I'm worried about the others though.
thanks, I had no idea... we don't have a Michael's or anything like that near us. Hobby Lobby for surely does not carry them.
I bought a set of 3 mini cake pans at a garage sale a few years ago. It was 2", 3" and 4" rounds. I always used the 4" to make smash cakes and stupid me, borrowed it out to DH's cousin who has since lost the pan. Now what? Where can I find one of these to replace it? She said she'll pay for it.
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