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Thanks for your help.  I might have to try to find a similar shoe today because all of the tutorials seem to be for open toe/strappy shoes and I need a closed one.  Thanks again! Wish me luck!
      Sorry I forgot to attach the photo.
Does anyone know where I can find a template for this type of shoe?  I can't seem to figure out how the platform is connected to the back part of the shoe (the part that goes on the heel of your foot, not the actual heel)  It's like if it is one piece.  Does anyone know how to do this? 
I personally do not see the point in letting people save pics to their favs if the owners of the pics can delete them.  I never delete my photos once they have favorites and when I save pics to my favs it is normally to go back and look through my favs for ideas.  Not necessarily to COPY the cakes but to get ideas on different color schemes, techniques or certain aspects of cakes.  What is the point in me saving them if there is a chance they will be deleted later on...
I am trying to upload pics and they keep uploading upside down.  Do you know why or if I am doing something wrong?  I am following all of the steps and the pic is right side up in the folder where it is saved on my computer.  Is there a feature to rotate photos here?
Thanks so much!
Has anyone ever made a chocolate version of Mike McCarey's buttercream? I just wanted to know how much chocolate was added. I don't want to alter the texture of the buttercream and I am not sure if there is a certain amount of chocolate that can be added before that happens. He uses all butter with pasteurized egg whites, powdered sugar and vanilla extract.Thanks in advance.
Thanks so much for your help. I did get that blueprint site from the DVD as well and I bought the file. I think I will do as you suggested and just make the cake the size that Mike McCarey did his and then take extra cake just in case there isn't enough. I don't want the cake to look awkward or lose character if it is too big. Thanks again for your help! I will post pics once the cake is done!
Hi all,I am making a convertible car cake and have purchased Mike McCarey's Cakenology dvd which is great! So I have most of the information down but I am stuck on one thing. My biggest problem is figuring out the size of the cake. I am making an infiniti G37 which needs to feed 50 people. On the dvd, Mike makes a Mustang and states that his cake is 17" long and serves approx. 30-35 ppl. So being that my car will be a convertible and I need to hollow out the cab (to...
This is the only one I found....Hope that helps.
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